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About Mind4Birthing - Option of Online and Face to Face Courses

Relaxation and Visualisation techniques to create your Mind 4 Birthing

The course will help you to :-

- Relax quickly and deeply
- Learn breathing techniques to maximise the effectiveness of each contraction during labour
- Believe in the ability of your body to birth your baby with confidence
- Create a mind for birthing
- Explore the role and impact of the mind on your pregnancy, labour and birth
- Teach you relaxation and visualisation techniques
- Build your confidence, reduce any anxieties and fear
- Minimise any pain and discomfort to promote a calm and focused birth
- Teach your birth partner effective acupressure points and other supportive tools and techniques

All the techniques can be used alone or in combination with Reflexology to deeply enhance your experience

Contact me for more details and to book your place on this wonderful gentle 7 week course

What happens on the course?

Each session is one to one with me via Zoom or small face to face classes in my therapy room. Informal, interactive and informative, covering different aspects of your pregnancy and preparing you for your birthing day. We explore the effects of the mind on the body and the effects of stress and how to minimize any fears and/or anxieties. You learn tools and techniques that support you towards a calm and peaceful birthing experience.

Your birthing partners are welcome to attend as well at no extra cost. You receive a manual that contains all the content of the course, so you can share what you are learning with them, if they are unable to attend.

Every session ends with a relaxation meditation where you kick back and allow your mind and body to release and let go. You receive that week’s relaxation audio as an mp3 so that you can continue the benefits throughout the week. Birthing partners benefit from this too!

At the end of the course you are invited to come along with your birthing partner for a practical session, learning techniques to help and support you when your surges begin on your birthing day. We can also do the practical via Zoom, the choice is yours.

Mind4Birthing. AmyandJon


"Mind4Birthing was one of the best things I have done during my pregnancy. It was such a wonderfully relaxing and reassuring course that prepared me and my partner to be calm, positive and excited for the birthing experience. Simonne is amazing, she is kind, caring and professional and made us feel instantly comfortable and at ease, taking time to really listen and talk through all our worries. The breathing techniques and tips she shared were really beneficial - she tailored the session perfectly to suit us and made us feel much more prepared and confident for birth. When it came to labour, knowledge really was power. After the course, I felt that I was able to be much more clear eyed and rational about what was happening at each stage. The M4B breathing techniques really helped me have a natural and enjoyable birth with minimal pain relief. My partner also used the acupressure points to help ease any tension and support me through labour. I highly recommend Mind4Birthing to any fellow mums to be!"

Amy, Jonathon and Edward

"Simonne is wonderful! M4B really helped me come to terms with the fear I had around the birth with the techniques Simonne had taught me. These were great for both myself and my husband and can also be used in other situations not just child birth! I cannot recommend M4B enough! Thanks Simonne!"

Tiffany & Dave

Mind4Birthing. Sophia, Harvey & John

"We are so grateful to Simonne for running the Mind4Birthing course. It was a perfect mix of information and practical tips that we used throughout labour and birth. I don't think anything can fully prepare you, but this course boosted our confidence and helped us have a positive and empowering birth experience. I also really benefitted from pregnancy reflexology and am already booked in for postnatal sessions! Simonne was professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and caring - we can't recommend her services more highly."

Sophia, John and baby Harvey

Mind4Birthing. Ponder

"I found the mind for birthing very useful, as it helped me to understand what was going to happen to my body during labour.
The breathing exercises and visualisation helped me relax during the pregnancy, and more importantly helped me to de-stress and also lessen the pain during the actual labour. It made the whole pregnancy experience much more enjoyable.
I highly recommend mind for birthing."

Lorna, Carl and baby Chloe

Mind4Birthing. Katharine

"I thoroughly enjoyed Mind4Birthing with Simonne. Every week we explored something new and Simonne explained the different aspects of childbirth in an easy way to understand. I loved this dedicated time every week amongst my busy work schedule to switch off and focus on the little person I was growing inside me. I enjoyed the relaxation and visualisation exercises and found I finished the sessions calm and relaxed. Simonne also provided audio sessions to listen to at home, she has the most soothing voice!

I accompanied the Mind4Birthing with reflexology throughout my last trimester and really benefited feeling my energy more realigned and positive rather than the stressed state induced by work.

My delivery didn't go to plan as I had to be induced over two days and then have the drip. However Mind4Birthing gave me the tools and breathing exercises to help get me through it and make the experience more manageable rather than overwhelming. At the end it was all worth it as we got a beautiful baby girl!"

Katharine and baby Lucy

Mind4Birthing. Steph

"The Mind4Birthing sessions with Simonne made such a positive difference to my pregnancy and birthing experience. Being able to take some time out each week to reflect and focus on me and my baby was invaluable. It helped to keep me really calm and balanced and helped me to take a bit more control when I was still experiencing sickness at week 36.
Having the knowledge and awareness of what my body was doing both in preparation for and in the actual birth meant that it was easier to work with it to reduce the pain and stress that I could have experienced. Simonne also taught my husband some acupressure techniques that were invaluable during early labour and really helped when progress began to slow.
The support and care that Simonne offers are second to none."

Steph, Richard and baby Wilfrid

"We are so fortunate to have come to know Simonne and to have benefitted incredibly from her knowledge, expertise and professionalism. Mind4birthing for us was actually the final piece having already benefitted from reflexology treatment and support alongside the fertility treatment we went through to have our first child. We were so well supported then and we feel we may have had a very different outcome if it had not been for her support and suggestions throughout the treatment.

We were very fortunate to have our first child following successful fertility treatment and I continued to be supported post-natally with reflexology treatment for pelvis problems following the birth. It was when we fell naturally 14 months later with our second child that we were able to take advantage of the Mind4birthing course. It was great to take time out each week to really focus on the pregnancy and the upcoming birth and the relaxation techniques are great for any time!

It was fascinating to learn so much about what really happens through labour and how you really can take control of preparing yourself in the weeks and months before. Having previously had an emergency caesarean I was so pleased to think of the process differently and work to put aside anxiety relating to my previous experience. With the print outs and home audio sessions I was not only able to continue the relaxation throughout the week in between sessions but was also able to share this with my husband and help him prepare to support me too. He was also taught some of the acupressure points which we were able to practice at home.

I took the opportunity to have reflexology alongside the course and really feel this helped with overall relaxation and also physically I had less issues with my pelvis after the second child too. Although in the end I did not have the natural delivery I had hoped for I know I was in a much better place following the course to cope with and accept whatever the outcome.

We truly have Simonne to thank for a lot with both our initial fertility issues and the subsequent treatment and support she has provided to us. We have already recommended her course to friends who are expecting and would not hesitate recommending to anyone.

Thank you so much Simonne

Tracey, Shane and our beautiful children"

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